About Pretty Little Flip
After three successful live-in house flips as husband and wife, Sandy & Andrew are about to tackle their biggest project yet; building a custom home from the ground up!

Welcome to Pretty Little Flip.

A new home & lifestyle blog that follows the life of Sandy with her husband Andrew, as they attempt to build their new home from the ground up, on-time and on-budget. All while juggling trades, inevitable construction delays and an incredibly tight budget.

Sandy is a TV makeup artist turned house-flipper. She went from designing faces to designing spaces. Her experience of over a decade working as a makeup artist and beauty expert, allows her to see a house like a face without makeup; a blank canvas waiting to be transformed with a beautiful makeover. Sandy runs their flipping business as the designer and project manager; she finds the properties and handles the designs of the new spaces, while ensuring everything is on time and on budget. Andrew is the muscle behind their operation - and although he has a full-time day job, he spends all his spare time working on their house - except when the Toronto Raptors are playing, of course.

Meet Sandy Gold

Sandy is known for her down-to-earth, vivacious and humorous personality. For over a decade, Sandy has worked as a TV makeup artist and on-air beauty expert.

In 2007, Sandy was a pioneer on YouTube for her how-to makeup video series, which inspired the likes of Nikkie Tutorials. Her videos garnered over five million views and received recognition from The New York Times, Good Morning America & Rachael Ray.

Sandy has appeared on a variety of television programs including 10 seasons as the resident beauty expert for CBC's Steven & Chris and The Goods. Some of her career highlights include hosting for Schwarzkopf Professional in Hamburg, Germany and investigating the beauty routines of NBA players for The Score where she interviewed Kobe Bryant, and found out he does not pluck his eyebrows!

While working in television, Sandy concurrently pursed a Psychology degree from York University and a certification in Aromatherapy; where she uses her training and passion for essential oils to make her own skincare.

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